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A little bit about my work…

I was working as a creative ambassador for Burgeon and Flourish. I designed multiple movie posters, pitch decks, one sheets and show bibles for them which made the creation of the website for the production really easy as I was so involved already and knew so much about all the projects when we reached the moment they needed a website. 

The particularity of the Bergman’s and their company Burgeon & Flourish, is that they not only produce films but also art, they are a pair of wonderful and genius creatives! Meredith Bergmann is the author and artist behind the first ever sculpture of “real” women  in NYC’s Central Park! (They had Alice in Wonderland, but Alice is as we all know a fictional character). They needed a website that could represent simply and clearly their work. And I had the honor to do it! 🙂 

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I worked closely with Melss on a website design project, which she executed with creativity and precision, listening to the company’s needs and feedback, and incorporating pertinent messaging in a clean, concise, easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing layout. Melss approaches design projects with the eye of a skilled artist, prioritizing her client’s needs and always keeping a focus towards the end goal (reaching target audiences, telling a compelling story, and more).

Purple Full Stars
Kate Herzlin / Director of Development for Burgeon & Flourish