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A little bit about my work…

This is the website that served as a playground for me to learn WordPress. Coming from the world of Wix (and LOVING WIX as it feels more like a canvas where I can paint, drag and drop visual creations where I want them to be) the transition  into the world of WordPress was comparable to learning a new language! When I finally understood it was actually more like algebra and math – which I have always loved! -, I started to have fun and am very happy with the result.

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Working for myself… wearing the graphic designer hat as Melss in the same time than wearing the producer hat as Melissa Mars makes me realize what it may feel like sleeping with your boss. Haha! WORK NEVER STOPS! Day and night, two brains in one body… But I know one thing, I (Melss) worked on this website until I (Melissa) was happy. And I (Melissa) am very happy and proud to present to you my portfolio of work as a producer in a simple and clear design with an artistic touch, in harmony with the production visual identity. Good job Melss! I would work again with myself!

Purple Full Stars
Melissa Mars / Founder of Made in Mars Studios