Website. Neal Hemphill

Neal Hemphill / Actor, Filmmaker

Branding + Website created on Wix

A little bit about my work…

I had collaborated with Neal via his film production several times, and had created the posters for five of his movies, when he reached out to work together again.

Neal: “I needed a website that clearly captured and expressed my two modes of work – as an Actor, and as a Filmmaker. Melss really got it, and she made a beautiful and functional website for me.
How did she do this? Well, honestly, I’m amazed at her skill set. First of all, she listened to me thoroughly, and was patient with me gathering all of the pieces necessary to tell these stories.”

Me(lss): I like to take the time to discuss my clients’ needs. After I went over all the files Neal sent me along with his pictures and resume, his body of work was considerable and I suspected he probably had quotes from newspapers, which I asked him to look for so that we could highlight his work.
I created branded backgrounds and a taylor-made style around his personality, inspired by some abstract photos he took himself. I built his website almost as two mini websites, parting his work as an actor from his work as a filmmaker.

The best moment… the smile on his face when he discovered the website for the first time!

Neal: “(Later on) I’ve needed to make a few changes/additions (ie. adding in a new element to the actor side of the site), and Melss was super helpful to me in this regard. I’m so grateful to not be left out on my own where I might have a website that would be out of date.

Check his website

I LOVED working with Melss… She made a beautiful and functional website for me. She has a remarkable combination of creativity and technical skills. She brought some amazing touches to the site that manage to be an expression of me and my work by way of her own imagination and graphic design skills.

Melss is Committed to her clients. Melss is Creative. Melss is Super-Skilled.

If you need a website, I can’t recommend her enough. What’s great is that she is an artist in her own right (singer, screenwriter, actress, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer…and more…), and she brings great sensitivity to the needs of an artist along with the skills to translate that to a gorgeous website.

Purple Full Stars
Neal Hemphill / Actor, Filmmaker